Aren't you horrified by all the violence against women inundating our everyday experiences, if not our everyday newsfeeds? Don't you want to leave the world a better place than you found it, that our future generations can grow up healthy and respectful? Well, #metoo!

Pin-up is a dynamic medium for expressing femininity in all its forms. I plan to take images from the traditional pin-up tropes and spin them on their heads, recontextualizing pop iconography specifically to empower femme-identified people of all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds. 

Net proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood, Safe Horizon, the National Organization for Women (NOW), and other advocacy groups pushing for better litigation to protect battered survivors and to prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence, such as Battered Women's Justice Project. Sexy, witty, and fun, this calendar will appeal to a broad (see what I did there?) audience, and hopefully inject the gestalt of empowered femmes into the pop culture consciousness!